The Glyndebourne Archive

Glyndebourne Archive aims to provide a complete historical record of Glyndebourne Festival and Tour from their earliest beginnings.

In 1987 Glyndebourne established its Archive in a newly created office space above the Christies’ garage. Various cupboards and oubliettes were excavated for the core of the early collections, and over the following thirteen years the Archive continued to grow. Finally, in 2000, and having expanded to fill five separate spaces, the entire Archive was moved into newly renovated premises in the Plashett Huts which are situated on the edge of the gardens and car park. With rolling racking, proper user facilities, a small Gallery space, and holdings ranging from costumes to correspondence, the collections are an invaluable resource for enthusiasts and researchers who want to find out more about Glyndebourne.


Just a reminder of the eternal Archive plea – ‘jumble to some may be gems to others’. We still have gaps in the Print Collections, so whenever you are having a clear out, please think of the Archive.