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Community guidelines

We feel strongly that an organisation such as Glyndebourne should encourage debate about opera and the arts, and we’re committed to providing a growing number of opportunities for our audience to express opinions and discuss issues on our website and other online channels.

We pre-moderate all comments posted on glyndebourne.com. We try to approve as many comments as possible, but if a comment doesn’t adhere to our community guidelines, we reserve the right not to publish it.

Our community guidelines are intended to allow this open, inclusive debate to take place. They cover any comments or other content posted on our website and other online channels by our community.

Glyndebourne community guidelines

1. Do post constructive criticism but avoid personal attacks
We ask our community to respect others’ feelings and views, and to engage with the issues rather than the people. To allow an intelligent, constructive debate where everyone feels welcome, we don’t publish any personal attacks (including persistent trolling), whether on other commenters, company members, directors, conductors, performing company members, or anyone else.

2. Don’t post offensive comments
We won’t publish any comments that contain offensive content. This includes any offensive or discriminatory comments or attacks based on age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

3. Do avoid any comments that may have legal consequences
We won’t publish comments if they risk breaching copyright laws or if they’re defamatory and potentially libellous.

4. Don’t post commercial comments or spam
We won’t publish any comments that are promotional in nature or that include advertising links unless they contribute to the quality of the debate.

5. Do keep your comments relevant
We won’t publish irrelevant or off-topic comments to keep conversations on track and of interest to the whole community.

6. Do take responsibility for the quality of the debate
We expect all members of our community to take responsibility for the quality of discussions and to contribute to the spirit of intelligent, open and welcoming debate.


Why do you moderate?
We moderate to encourage healthy debate that is open and inclusive.

How do you moderate?
We pre-moderate all comments posted on glyndebourne.com. If a comment, or part of a comment, breaches our community guidelines, we won’t publish it.
In the same way, if a social media post, or part of a social media post, breaches our community guidelines, we reserve the right to remove or report it.

Why has my comment not appeared?
We may not have had time to moderate it yet. We aim to moderate all comments within 48 hours, but we have a small team and are not always able to do so.
If your comment is deemed to have breached our community guidelines, it won’t be approved and won’t appear on the website. Even if only a minor part of the comment has breached our community guidelines, we won’t approve the comment as we don’t edit any comments.

Can I appeal the decision not to publish my comment?
No. We moderate according to these community guidelines and the moderators’ decision is final. We ask you to bear in mind our aim is to make the community areas of our website and our online channels a welcoming place where all our audience can engage in discussions related to opera and the arts in an intelligent and compassionate way.


The views expressed in community areas do not necessarily reflect the views of Glyndebourne or its staff.

Our community guidelines may change over time as we receive feedback and refine our policy from experience.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our community guidelines, please email digitalmedia@glyndebourne.com.

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