Introduction to Glyndebourne

Glyndebourne all began with a love story in 1934 when founder John Christie met soprano Audrey Mildmay. Glyndebourne is now one of the finest and most celebrated opera houses in the world and delivers performances to some 150,000 people across a summer Festival and the autumn Tour.

What to expect from the Festival

Surrounded by the rolling hills of the South Downs, you get the chance to explore the beautiful gardens before you go into our 1,200-seat indoor auditorium.

The interval lasts 90 minutes, giving you plenty of time to take in those stunning views again over a picnic and a glass of bubbly, or to enjoy a spot of dinner at one of our onsite restaurants and visit the Glyndebourne Shop.

There is no dress code but people do like to dress up for the Festival – a tradition that started as a mark of respect to the performers.

Festival 2019 season details

What to expect from the Tour

Since 1968 Glyndebourne has been taking to the road with its annual Tour. Not only an opportunity to experience affordable world-class opera on your doorstep, the Tour is renowned for nurturing emerging talent and launching the careers of young artists.

The Tour is focused on what always lies at the heart of Glyndebourne: exceptional opera. With intervals of 20 minutes and the opportunity to either dress up or dress down, the Tour can have a slightly more relaxed feel – except on stage, where the attention to detail doesn’t falter.

Tour 2018 begins with performances at Glyndebourne before going on the road to Milton Keynes, Canterbury, Norwich and Woking.

Tour 2018 season details

What is Glyndebourne?

In the world of opera, Glyndebourne is unique. It is recognised globally as one of the great opera houses yet it remains a very English institution.

What makes Glyndebourne unique?

The first Glyndebourne operas were watched by friends and guests of the family, invited by founder John Christie. Today our reach is wider, but our relationship with our audience remains unusually personal.

What is the Glyndebourne Tour?

We're passionate about opera, and want to share that passion. So outreach to new audiences has been part of our mission for over 40 years.

Accessible worldwide

Our mission to bring top-quality opera to ever-wider audiences. We have been making audio recordings of every Festival performance since 1960, and in recent years we have filmed a growing number of productions.