Learning & Engagement

Discover opera and be part of extraordinary artistic experiences

Through its Learning & Engagement programme Glyndebourne collaborates with people of all backgrounds to create extraordinary artistic experiences, with the aim of sparking a lifelong interest in opera and finding and supporting the talented artists of the future.

We live in extraordinary times. The world is changing quickly around us as old habits and ideas are questioned and challenged. As we seek to create a new and better world, the ability to express our emotions, dreams and ideas through music and stories is more important than ever. Huge leaps of imagination are required – and imagination is the everyday currency of opera and the arts.

So, join us as we venture into this new world together. Discover through Glyndebourne the stories and creations of some of the most talented people in history, as well as those making opera today. Let us support your talents through our projects for performers and producers of opera, and collaborate with us to create extraordinary new art

‘Glyndebourne has been at the forefront of arts education for over 30 years through its pioneering Education programme. We have shown that when diverse groups of people come together to take imaginative journeys through music and theatre – the thing we call opera – extraordinary and transformational things can happen.’

– Stephen Langridge, Glyndebourne’s Artistic Director

‘I have found the opportunities that Glyndebourne gave me all those years ago shaped the career and interests I have today in my adult life. Glyndebourne gave me the voice and confidence to lead me through public speaking… There’s no other place like it that helps encourage people from all walks of life to participate in this great form of art’ – Ross Page (Misper, 1997, Agreed 2019)

‘I think this is the first project I have ever been a part of where I have come out feeling I am truly an artist’ – Workshop leader, Giufa project

‘I now feel confident that a career in opera is the direction I want to go in even though I have not come from a musical background’ – Junior Performer, 2019

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