Terms and Conditions

Fortissimo terms and conditions

Read the Fortissimo terms and conditions.

Fortissimo terms and conditions

  • It is a requirement of Fortissimo Membership that the annual subscription is paid by the named Fortissimo Member only.
  • Fortissimo Membership cannot be transferred.
  • Membership benefits can be accessed by the named Fortissimo Member/s only. If a Member allows others to access their Membership without Glyndebourne’s explicit consent Glyndebourne reserves the right to terminate the Membership contract.
  • Fortissimo Membership is for personal use only. Individual Memberships may not be used to purchase tickets to sell on for commercial use.
  • Only one Fortissimo Membership can be held per person.
  • Fortissimo Membership can only be held by those between the ages of 16-39. By registering for a Fortissimo Membership you confirm you are between the ages of 16-39.
  • All membership subscriptions, fees, and donations are made to Glyndebourne Productions Limited registered charity number 243877.
  • All contributions are non-refundable.
  • Payments made for Fortissimo annual subscriptions will count towards the Associate Membership joining fee if you choose to become an Associate Member in the future.
    • If, over the course of a Fortissimo Membership, the total annual subscriptions paid amount to more than the Associate Membership joining fee that fee will be waived but no refund will be due.
    • If, over the course of a Fortissimo Membership, the total annual subscriptions paid amount to less than the Associate Membership joining fee, only the balance of that fee will be due.
  • In registering for a Fortissimo Membership you are signing up to receive Fortissimo emails from Glyndebourne.
  • Fortissimo tickets are subject to the Glyndebourne Ticket terms and conditions, available here.
  • Glyndebourne reserves the rights to limit which productions can be purchased using the discount.
  • All Fortissimo tickets must be collected at Box Office with your proof of age.
  • Fortissimo Members can book no more than two discounted tickets.
  • Standing places and slips seats are not available during Fortissimo Members’ priority booking.
  • Standing places and slips seats cannot be purchased using the discount during public booking.
  • All Fortissimo tickets, including any full price tickets bought during the Fortissimo Membership priority booking period, must be purchased using a Fortissimo account.
  • Fortissimo discounted tickets must be used by 16-39 year olds. A breach of this condition will entitle Glyndebourne to cancel the tickets without prior notification, refund, compensation or liability.
  • Glyndebourne can accept no responsibility for emails lost, delayed or undelivered.
  • Glyndebourne reserves the right to change the benefits, and terms and conditions, that apply to Glyndebourne Fortissimo Membership at any time.

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