Under 30s membership

  • By registering for an Under 30s membership you confirm you are between the ages of 16-29.
  • In registering for an Under 30s membership you are signing up to receive emails from Glyndebourne.
  • Under 30s offers and news, for the Glyndebourne Festival, Tour, and cinema screenings, will be distributed via email. You can opt out of receiving emails by selecting ‘Unsubscribe’ in any email communication, but this will mean that your Under 30s membership will be cancelled.
  • Under 30s tickets are subject to the Glyndebourne Ticket terms and conditions, available here.
  • Glyndebourne reserves the right to limit the number of subsidised Under 30s tickets that can be purchased per performance.
  • All Under 30s tickets, including any full price tickets bought during the Under 30s membership priority booking period, must be purchased using an Under 30s account.
  • All Under 30s tickets must be used by 16-30 year olds. A breach of this condition will entitle Glyndebourne to cancel the tickets without prior notification, refund, compensation or liability. Under 30 ticket holders may be required to provide proof of age before entering the auditorium.
  • Glyndebourne can accept no responsibility for emails lost, delayed or undelivered.
  • Glyndebourne reserves the right to change the benefits, and terms and conditions, that apply to Glyndebourne Under 30s membership at any time.