Your visit

Make an occasion of visiting Glyndebourne and come for the whole afternoon: you can explore the grounds, visit our Archive and Gallery or have a picnic on the lawn. This section tells you everything you need to know, from what to wear to how to get here and where to stay.

At Glyndebourne

Opening times for Box office and Customer Services and key information about your visit.

What to wear

What to wear at Glyndebourne for Festival and Tour performances.

What to bring

A checklist of things to bring with you when you visit and details of facilities at Glyndebourne.

Where to stay

Plan your visit by exploring B&Bs, guest houses and hotels near Glyndebourne.


Our Box Office and Customer Service team is dedicated to making your visit to Glyndebourne as enjoyable as possible.

Local attractions

East Sussex is rich in cultural tourism attractions. From vineyards and art galleries to the homes and gardens of writers and painters. Why not combine one of these in your visit to Glyndebourne?


Explore the on-site catering options at Glyndebourne.