What to wear

During the Festival


The tradition of wearing evening dress during the Glyndebourne Festival originated with founder John Christie, who felt that it was one of the ways the audience could show its respect for the performers.

Formal evening dress is customary for the summer Festival. Given the perils of the British weather, it is advisable to bring an additional, warm layer: cardigans, wraps and jackets are a good idea!

Changing facilities, if required, are provided in the Plashett building at the foot of the car park as indicated on the Glyndebourne site map.

During the Tour


In keeping with the more informal feel of the Tour, whether at Glyndebourne itself or when visiting other venues around the UK, the dress code is smart casual.

Whilst some audience members do choose to make their visit to Tour performances a special occasion and dress accordingly, others may be arriving straight from work. Please wear whatever you find comfortable.


(March 2019)

Please wear whatever you find comfortable.