Lambis Stratoudakis

Lambis Stratoudakis is the photographer and artist who created the three promotional images for the three new Festival 2017 productions – Hipermestra, Hamlet and La clemenza di Tito.

Born and raised in Crete, he studied architecture in Germany before moving to Sweden, where he still resides.

Many things have been said about Lambis’s images. They have been described as ethereal, erotic, mysterious, magical and simply beautiful. His technique can change drastically while in the middle of creating an artwork, almost as if the image he is working on suddenly takes on a life of its own.

‘I love to work under the skin, as I believe this is the only way to find the qualities that we keep hidden, even from ourselves.’
—Lambis Stratoudakis

Lambis says that he was deeply honoured when Glyndebourne contacted him about using some of his works for the three new Festival 2017 productions and, together with the Communications team at Glyndebourne, he tried to find images that deeply connect with the story of each opera.

Photo © Lambis Stratoudakis

When Lambis first read the synopsis for Hipermestra, he knew exactly which work he wanted to put forward. To illustrate this rarely performed Baroque opera about the suffering and love of a disobedient daughter, Lambis chose an underwater shot from his series Under The Surface.

To both the artist and the Communications team, the image chosen perfectly represents Hipermestra, the strong and passionate female character who defies her tyrannical father to save her husband’s life.

Photo © Lambis Stratoudakis

For Hamlet, Brett Dean’s new commission based on Shakespeare’s tragedy that will receive its world premiere at Festival 2017, Lambis chose an image from his series Extracting Souls. The idea of the series, which uses original Polaroid photos, was to extract the soul of the model and, as Lambis explains, ‘trap it for eternity’.

He thinks that the chosen image perfectly captures Hamlet’s confused state of mind, the duality of madness and sanity that we all carry inside ourselves and that is separated only by a fine line.

Photo © Lambis Stratoudakis

For La clemenza di Tito Lambis chose an image from his series Fluid Couture, which originally started as a visual critique of fashion photography but has evolved into a full-scale project that uses experimental techniques, vivid colors and tightly framed images. Lambis explains that Fluid Couture, like haute couture fashion, is about the ‘selling of dreams, which is fundamentally based on lies’.

The chosen image captures Sesto’s dilemma: his genuine and loyal friendship with Tito on the one hand and, on the other, his heated relationship with the vengeful Vitellia, who will only return Sesto’s love if he agrees to assassinate her archenemy, Tito. Vitellia is successful in her deceit and Sesto agrees.