Online exhibition 2021

Ritual and Repetitions

A new exhibition of landscape paintings by Faye Bridgwater.

‘The act of painting is about my arm doing the same movements again and again. I start with images and then words and then the paintbrush. At the beginning, I use my whole body to make large movements. Towards the end, my marks become smaller and much tighter until it’s just my hand and eye working in rhythm together.’
– Faye Bridgewater

From 1-28 February 2021 Gallery 94 at Glyndebourne presented Ritual and Repetitions, an online exhibition of landscape paintings by Brighton-based artist Faye Bridgwater.

Ritual and Repetitions is a selection of new work made over the last four months. In a rigorous painting practice honed over the last decade, Bridgwater’s process is both meticulously observed and spontaneous in effect. Starting on foot with her camera, she revisits places and views over many days and weeks, documenting in film interesting snippets of natural phenomena. Returning to her studio, she installs multiple canvases across the space, drawing and writing directly onto them before distilling ideas and memories through layers of colour and graphic lines. It’s a ritual that she says has become even more urgent in the current lockdown, ‘We have all experienced a big jolt in the last year. My practice has had to change as my world has become smaller. But this has allowed me to escape into my practice, to find stability in the process. I want my paintings to do the same thing – to transport people and ultimately remind them of being free’.

To see the works, please download the e-catalogue.

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