Jonathan Stevenson

Jonathan Stevenson exhibited in our stalls gallery during Glyndebourne on Tour. For enquiries about the works on show please contact our shop

Jonathan Stevenson statement:

“My artwork is informed by very specific experiences I feel passionately about. For me, an experience I am fond of is the result of a well-balanced mix of positive contributing factors. These factors are perceived by my emotional and sensory engagement with my surroundings. So when I was given the opportunity to spend some time at Glyndebourne, solely to make artwork, I jumped at the chance.
Glyndebourne is a vibrant environment – alive with hardworking, creative people – which is why it was such a pleasure and honour to spend a summer there, immersed in a unique and enchanting setting, spilling over with energy and inspirational occurrences. I had the chance to spend my time exploring the environment and watching performances, which in turn informed the body of work that I produced.
Still a student at the University of Brighton, I am at a very explorative stage of my career as an artist. My interests are ever changing which allows me to indulge in various forms of self-expression. The manner in which I respond depends on the way the subject matter has had an effect on me. Whatever subject I look at, connotations and associations instantly start to show up from the catalogue of imagery built up in my mind. It’s these associations that I use to start piecing together new forms of work. After much experimentation with materials and imagery, I work hard to produce an aesthetic that articulates my thoughts and feelings towards a subject. The interests that inform my work arise from all manner of environments, raised in Winchester, currently based in Brighton, I have had a rich basis of natural, architectural and cultural surroundings that have helped to shape my work.
I am extremely grateful for my time at Glyndebourne and would encourage anybody to experience the wonder of place. I hope that a feeling of such an experience shows through in the work, for what I have produced is a celebration of joy and creativity, much like that encompassed on the stage at Glyndebourne.”