Elizabeth Ockford

Elizabeth Ockford

Chosen Opera: Der Rosenkavalier

Elizabeth Ockford is an Artist and Designer, working in her studio in Rural Sussex. Following her career in Textile Design, she gained a Masters in Fine Art from Camberwell School of Arts in 2009.She divides her time between freelance designing for high-end companies in the interiors market, and creating her own art, which she exhibits and sells widely.

Both her art and her design demonstrate her love of colour and form, and she is able to create images of a wide variety of subjects in both fields.

As with all my work the animals included act as symbols or markers towards human behaviour and emotions. The horse shadow of the Cavalier falls upon the woven silk of Sophie’s dress, as does the smaller shadow of the Hare.

The horse symbolises beauty, freedom, strength and power. Whilst Baron Ochs may feel he has the power, it is Sophie’s beauty that gains her freedom and gives her the power of choice- to go with the person she loves, Octavian, who has been chosen as the Rose Cavalier.

The tiny shadow of the Hare acts as a portent of this choice- the Hare symbolises fertility, sensuality and rebirth, rejuvenation.

The fabrics depicted are taken from 18th and 19th century silks, woven damasks and florals, as the ladies would have worn, and always including a rose motif.

Further information about Elizabeth and her work can be found at www.elizabethockford.com