Clem Moyes

Clem Moyes exhibited in our stalls gallery during Glyndebourne on Tour. For enquiries about the works on show please contact our shop

Clem Moyes statement:

The experience of the residency at Glyndebourne over the summer months was overwhelming and exceptionally inspiring; it has had a dramatic effect on me and the work I make. It has given me an enormous appreciation for this art form and in many ways has transformed my approach to drawing and painting. I have certainly fallen in love with opera, a relationship I’m sure will be lifelong.
Glyndebourne is such a special and extraordinary place, with a wonderful atmosphere, vibrancy and music that is now firmly implanted in my head and will remain there. Being given access to backstage and watching both the rehearsals and performances – including the process behind the scenes – was fascinating, and responding to this was such a pleasure. I hope something of the excitement and sense of marvel that filled me comes through in the work.The rare opportunity to draw from life watching the singer’s rehearse and the teams constructing and dismantling the sets was very useful and taught me a great deal.The sets, auditorium, backstage, people working on and off the stage and the idyllic surroundings of the house and gardens gave me so much to look at and think about that I spent a while confused by the flood of ideas and mass of potential, wanting to capture something of everything. Glyndebourne felt like a playground to pictorially explore and the operas were so fantastic, bizarre, wittyand visually stunning one could not help but be transported by them. The process of exploring many directions and slowly selecting and narrowing down what I wanted to find there from the huge range of possibilities for subject matter was very valuable, and will inform how I make work for a long time to come.