Claudia Dance-Wells

Claudia Dance-Wells is a fine art painting student studying at the University of Brighton. She has been based at Glyndebourne as one of our Young Artists in Residence since the beginning of the 2014 Festival.

Claudia’s statement:

“Through the engagement with a painting as an object and an object as a painting I explore the expanded notion of painting and sculpture and the manipulation of materials through relying mostly on process and intuitiveness. I use mistake making to my advantage and plan as little as possible, letting my work form naturally. This strengthens subconscious decision-making. Through using this form of play I find myself dealing with the very basic components used in painting. These components may include: materiality, motifs, colour, weight, composition, edges and placement of objects. I want to push the meaning of the term ‘painting’ whilst still staying true to and respecting this art form.”

Claudia’s website is

Artists in Residence blog
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