Carol Peace

Carol Peace

Glyndebourne Gardens

Carol Peace is a sculptor who could not work without drawing, like a musician playing the musical scales; it provides the artist with a deeper understanding of her subject. Strongly influenced by her time spent at The Princes Drawing School, and her involvement in founding the Bristol Drawing School, Carol’s work is heavily figurative.

The sculptural pieces exhibited around the lake at Glyndebourne stand larger than life and are strong figures whose actions and endeavours are familiar to the viewer. The key sculpture ‘Possibly’ is about new beginnings and the possibilities within us all. It is about making the most of each and every day. The dive represents potential danger combined with the anticipation of exhilaration, weightlessness and freedom.

“Swimming for me is like life, it can be difficult and there is always the danger of sinking but there is also the exhilaration, the weightlessness and the freedom.”

The beautiful detail and emotion encompassed in this work are also represented in the collection of smaller ‘Block People’. This series encompasses perfectly the drama of everyday life, the flash of a look, the tilt of a head, the pressure of a hand in yours, of skin resting on skin.

Carol studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art and then drawing at The Prince’s Drawing School, London. She is the founder of the Bristol Drawing School and was artistic director there for four years. She currently lives and works in Bristol.

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