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What's different for Festival 2024

Pricing – what’s different for Festival 2024

We’ve introduced changes to pricing this year, designed to better reflect the different experiences offered by each area of our auditorium. Thank you to everyone who participated in our research earlier in the year – your feedback has been invaluable.

Main changes:

1) Fewer seats now fall into our top price. This means that there’s a wider range of prices available within key areas of the auditorium, especially the Stalls, with many seats at a lower price than in previous years. For example, an aisle seat about halfway back in the Stalls was £275 for Festival 2023’s Don Giovanni but, next year, will cost £225 for most Carmen performances (or £215 for the three cheapest May dates) – as you can see in the diagram below.

Festival 2023, Don Giovanni:

Festival 2024, Carmen:

2) In the Upper Circle, the main seating – the central area with an unobstructed view of the stage – is now split into two price levels. The front section of Upper Circle has increased slightly in price, allowing us to introduce a lower price at the rear. This offers more choice of ticket price for those looking for a clear view of the stage. All performances have this split in the Upper Circle.

3) There are five performances (two Die Zauberflöte and three Giulio Cesare) that offer tickets at cheaper prices than we’ve been able to offer for many years (excluding restricted view seats). Rear Upper Circle tickets are available at £105 and front side Stalls tickets are available at £140 for these performances.

Festival 2024’s performances of Tristan und Isolde are priced slightly higher than other operas, as is the norm for Wagner at most opera houses and festivals. Tristan’s top price is actually £5 cheaper than for Die Meistersinger in 2016, our last fully-staged Wagner production. The improvements in Stalls prices (outlined above) apply to Tristan too – meaning our aisle seat is now £250, compared to £300 in 2016.

How to find our lower-priced tickets

In Festival 2024 we have over 14,500 tickets available at under £150, over half of which are priced under £100. Some of these tickets are at a lower price because the experience is compromised (a restricted view of the stage or supertitles), or are standing places.

If you are looking for tickets at the lower end of prices here is where to find them:


1) Rear of upper circle – this from £105 for our cheapest performances (Die Zauberflöte 22 & 29 May; Giulio Cesare 8, 16, 23 August).

2) Front side stalls – for our cheapest performances there are seats available from £140.


We don’t recommend restricted view seats if anyone in your party is new to opera or will have little familiarity with the story of a given opera, due to the limited view of the stage or surtitles. However, for those willing to make a compromise to save some money, there are a small number of restricted view seats available at each performance.

The vast majority of restricted view seats are purchased in the Member ballot. An overview of restricted view pricing can be found here.


There are 44 standing places for each performance, all in the Upper Circle. The places nearest to the stage have a more limited view. Standing places go on sale at the opening of public booking.

Pricing detail by opera

For those looking for more detailed views of prices throughout the auditorium, you can see seating maps for each of our operas in the PDF download below:

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