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The Last Supper, 02 November 2000

The Opera

Venue: Woking

Composer: Harrison Birtwistle

Librettist: Robin Blaser

Conductor: Elgar Howarth

Orchestra: Glyndebourne Touring Opera Orchestra


Jesus: William Dazeley

Ghost: Susan Bickley

Judas: Thomas Randle

Simon (Peter): Geoffrey Moses

Andrew: Colin Judson

James: Andrew Watts

John: Andrew Rupp

Bartholomew: Christopher Lemmings

Philip: Adrian Powter

Thomas: Michael Hart-Davis

Matthew: Paul Reeves

James the Less: Stephen Wallace

Jude (Thaddeus): Simon Kirkbride

Simon the Canaan: Hilton Marlton

Production Team

Original Producer: Martin Duncan

Set Designer: Alison Chitty

Costume Designer: Alison Chitty

Lighting Designer: Wolfgang Gobbel

Choreographer: Sean Walsh

Special Effects: SOUNDintermedia