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Saul, 06 November 2015

The Opera

Venue: The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Conductor: Laurence Cummings

Orchestra: Glyndebourne Tour Orchestra


Merab: Sarah Tynan

Michal: Anna Devin

Saul/Apparition of Samuel: Henry Waddington

David: Christopher Ainslie

Jonathan: Benjamin Hulett

Abner/High Priest/Amalekite/Doeg: Stuart Jackson

Witch of Endor: Colin Judson

Production Team

Original Director: Barrie Kosky

Revival Director: Donna Stirrup

Assistant Director: Sinead O'Neill

Designer: Katrin Lea Tag

Choreographer: Otto Pichler

Revival Choreographer: Silvano Marraffa

Revival Choreographer: Merry Holden

Lighting Designer: Joachim Klein

Revival Lighting Designer: David Manion

Chorus Master: Jeremy Bines