Photo gallery

Così fan tutte

Images from the Festival 2021 production of Così fan tutte.

A selection of photos from the festival 2021 production of Così fan tutte

A much-loved Glyndebourne classic, Nicholas Hytner’s staging finds both the charm and the darkness in Mozart’s opera.

Photographer: Tristram Kenton

Don Alfonso (Alessandro Corbelli) and Despina (Hera Hyesang Park)

Dorabella (Julie Boulianne) and, behind, Fiordiligi (Ida Falk Winland)

Guglielmo (Huw Montague Rendall)

Dorabella (Julie Boulianne), Guglielmo (Huw Montague Rendall) and Don Alfonso (Alessandro Corbelli)

Despina (Hera Hyesang Park)

Dorabella (Julie Boulianne) and Fiordiligi (Ida Falk Winland)

Fiordiligi (Ida Falk Winland), Despina (Hera Hyesang Park) and Ferrando (Konu Kim)

Ferrando (Konu Kim) and Guglielmo (Huw Montague Rendall)

Don Alfonso (Alessandro Corbelli)

Dorabella (Julie Boulianne) and Fiordiligi (Ida Falk Winland)

Ferrando (Konu Kim), Guglielmo (Huw Montague Rendall) and Dorabella (Julie Boulianne)

Fiordiligi (Ida Falk Winland), Dorabella (Julie Boulianne), Ferrando (Konu Kim), Guglielmo (Huw Montague Rendall), Despina (Hera Hyesang Park) and Don Alfonso (Alessandro Corbelli)

Così fan tutte is on stage until 27 August 2021

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