Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Così fan tutte

Spend a summer’s day in Naples in Nicholas Hytner’s classic production.

About the opera

All’s fair in love and war. But what happens when love becomes the battlefield?

‘All women are like that,’ declares Don Alfonso, betting his friends Ferrando and Guglielmo that in just one day he can prove both their fiancées unfaithful. But when the young men accept, they enrol unwittingly in Alfonso’s ‘School for Lovers’. Will love prevail, or will cynicism take the prize?

The last of the three great collaborations between Mozart and librettist Lorenzo da Ponte, Così fan tutte is also the most sophisticated – a comedy that teeters right on the brink of tragedy. Scratch the sunny surface and this Neapolitan farce reveals itself as a probing psychological portrait of human nature in all its complexity. That Mozart sets these human truths to one of the most artlessly lyrical scores he would ever write, only adds to their unsettling impact.

A much-loved Glyndebourne classic, Nicholas Hytner’s staging finds both the charm and the darkness in Mozart’s opera. Celebrated Italian conductor Riccardo Minasi makes his Glyndebourne debut.

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Festival artwork

by tom hammick

We have worked with artist Tom Hammick to create a series of images to illustrate the six operas that make up Festival 2021.

You can find out more about Tom’s work at hammickeditions.com and he will be exhibiting works inspired by our repertoire at Glyndebourne throughout Festival 2021. A selection of original works and prints will be available from Glyndebourne Shop.

This work is entitled All men are the same.

Images © Tom Hammick. All rights reserved, DACS 2021

Creative team

Riccardo Minasi
Leo McFall (22 & 25 July)

Nicholas Hytner

Revival Director
Simon Iorio

Vicki Mortimer

Lighting Designer
Paule Constable

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Leader Matthew Truscott

Harpsichord continuo
Ben-San Lau

Cello continuo
Luise Buchberger

Cast includes

Konu Kim*

Huw Montague Rendall

Don Alfonso
Alessandro Corbelli

Ida Falk Winland
Anna Malesza-Kutny (11 July & 15 August)

Sung from the side of the stage. The role will be walked on stage by Rachael Hewer (Assistant Director).

Julie Boulianne*

Hera Hyesang Park
Alison Rose (15 August)

Sung from the side of the stage. The role will be walked on stage by Caitlin Fretwell Walsh (Actor).

* Cast change

Assistant Conductor
Angus Webster

Music Preparation
Ben-San Lau
Anthony Legge

Language Coach
Marco Canepa

Assistant Director
Rachael Hewer

Richard Dearsley

Photo gallery

Photos by Tristram Kenton – see the full gallery here.


Act I

Don Alfonso and his young friends Ferrando and Guglielmo are arguing over the fidelity of women. Alfonso insists that all women are fickle, while Ferrando and Guglielmo refuse to believe that their fiancées, the sisters Fiordiligi and Dorabella, could ever be unfaithful. Don Alfonso wagers that by the end of that very day their fiancées will have betrayed them. He instructs Ferrando and Guglielmo to pretend that they have received orders to go off to war.

Fiordiligi and Dorabella are singing the praises of Guglielmo and Ferrando when Don Alfonso arrives to tell them that their betrothed must immediately depart for the battlefield. The young men arrive and the two couples bid each other a tearful farewell. Despina, the sisters’ maid, is preparing their breakfast when Fiordiligi and Dorabella enter lamenting the departure. She counsels them to amuse themselves while their lovers are away, advice that horrifies them. After the sisters leave, Don Alfonso, who has overheard their conversation, recruits Despina to aid him in his plot, asking her to admit two suitors (the disguised Guglielmo and Ferrando) into the house. Fiordiligi and Dorabella are alarmed to find two strange men in their home, and become ever more alarmed when the two men begin courting them. Don Alfonso pretends the men are old friends of his and begs the sisters to accept them. But Fiordiligi staunchly swears fidelity to her absent Guglielmo.

The sisters are lamenting the departure of their fiancés when the two ‘strangers’ barge in and swallow what seems to be poison. When they collapse, Despina and Don Alfonso go in search of a doctor, leaving Fiordiligi and Dorabella to tend to the apparently dying strangers. A doctor (Despina in disguise) arrives to revive the two afflicted suitors. As they recover, they vow their love to the vexed sisters with even greater passion, while Don Alfonso and Despina try to hide their amusement.


Act II

Fiordiligi and Dorabella are persuaded by Despina that there would be no harm in a bit of innocent flirtation. Dorabella chooses the disguised Guglielmo while Fiordiligi chooses Ferrando.

The suitors serenade the two sisters. Fiordiligi goes off for a stroll with Ferrando while Guglielmo courts Dorabella. To his amazement, Dorabella surrenders rather easily. As they go off together, Ferrando returns with Fiordiligi, who continues to resist him and leaves. When the two young men exchange news of their progress, Ferrando is stricken to learn that his faithless Dorabella has yielded to Guglielmo.

While Don Alfonso and Guglielmo covertly look on, Ferrando makes another attempt to break Fiordiligi’s tenacity. To Guglielmo’s distress, she too finally yields. Don Alfonso has now won his wager. He tries to console the two young men with his motto: ‘così fan tutte’ (‘all women are like that’).

The sisters’ weddings to their two suitors are proceeding when a military chorus in the distance signals the ‘return’ of Ferrando and Guglielmo from battle. The suitors and the notary (again Despina in disguise) hide. A moment later Ferrando and Guglielmo appear in uniform, feigning surprise at the cool reception they receive. When they discover the marriage contract and the notary, they swear vengeance on their faithless fiancées and their suitors. Finally, they reveal their ruse and the two pairs of lovers are reconciled. Or are they?

Supported by
Celia Blakey with a Syndicate and Circle of individuals

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The edition of Così fan tutte used in these performances is edited by Faye Ferguson and Wolfgang Rehm, published by Bärenreiter-Verlag, Kassel, performed by arrangement with Faber Music Ltd, London.

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