Pit Perfect - Glyndebourne’s development scheme for young professional instrumentalists


Glyndebourne is offering postgraduate instrumentalists the opportunity for paid engagement with the Tour Orchestra for a concentrated period during the 2019 Tour from late September until early December.

Successful applicants will join the orchestra for at least one of its three autumn productions.

Participants will be mentored by a member of the orchestra and receive further opportunities including: one to one lessons, the chance to sit in on extra rehearsals and to participate in seminars on life in the music profession.

We are seeking applicants for the following instruments only:

  • violins (2)
  • viola (1)
  • cello (1)
  • bass (1)
  • clarinet (1)
  • french horn (2)
  • natural trumpet (1)
  • bass trombone (1)

Applications for other instruments will not be accepted.

No other scheme in the country offers newly graduated players real-world professional work experience over a concentrated three-month period by putting them straight in at the deep end – the fastest way to learn.

Applications are open to the following:

  • Postgraduate students finishing their studies during 2019
  • Any player who has completed their postgraduate studies no earlier than summer 2018

All applicants must be available for rehearsals and performances with the Glyndebourne Tour Orchestra from Sunday 29 September 2019 until Saturday 7 December 2019. Performances take place in Glyndebourne, Canterbury, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Woking and Norwich.

Application requirements

The initial selection process will require applicants to fill out the application form and submit the following by Saturday 15 December 2018:

  • CV (to include orchestral and chamber music experience to date)
  • Two references from musicians of standing (the applicants must provide and upload the references)
  • High quality audio only recording (MP3) containing no more than 15 minutes of music, including two contrasting works of your own choice. You should include at least one ‘standard’ work for your instrument.

Applicants will be notified if they are to be invited to audition by mid January 2019 and successful candidates will be invited to audition in London in the second half of February 2019.

We can only accept applications from instrumentalists from within the EEA who are British based.


If you have any enquiries, please email: pit.perfect@glyndebourne.com