LPO personnel

First Violins

Pieter SchoemanLeader (La traviata, Ariadne auf Naxos, Don Pasquale) Chair supported by Neil Westreich
Vesselin Gellev Leader (Hamlet)
Ilyoung Chae Chair supported by the Candide Trust
Katalin Varnagy Chair supported by Sonja Drexler
Sarah Streatfeild
Yang Zhang
Robert Pool
Martin Höhmann
Catherine Craig
Geoffrey Lynn Chair supported by Caroline, Jamie & Zander Sharp
Thomas Eisner
Tina Gruenberg
Grace Lee
Rebecca Shorrock

Second Violins

Jeongmin Kim Principal Chair supported by Friends of the Orchestra
Tania Mazzetti Principal
Kate Birchall
Nancy Elan
Fiona Higham Chair supported by David & Yi Buckley
Nynke Hijlkema
Joseph Maher
Marie-Anne Mairesse
Ashley Stevens
Robin Wilson
Sioni Williams


Jon Thorne Guest Principal
Cyrille Mercier Principal
Robert Duncan Principal
Gregory Aronovich
Naomi Holt
Katharine Leek
Susanne Martens
Benedetto Pollani
Laura Vallejo
Isabel Pereira


Kristina Blaumane Principal Chair supported by Bianca & Stuart Roden
Pei-Jee Ng Principal
Francis Bucknall
Santiago Carvalho ¥ Chair co-supported by Molly & David Borthwick
David Lale
Gregory Walmsley
Elisabeth Wiklander Chair supported by Drs Oliver & Asha Foster
Sue Sutherley
Helen Rathbone

Double Basses

Kevin RundellPrincipal
Sebastian Pennar Principal
George Peniston
Laurence Lovelle
Charlotte Kerbegian
Tom Walley


Juliette Bausor Principal
Stewart McIlwhamPrincipal
Sue ThomasChair supported by Victoria Robey obe
Clare Childs

Alto Flutes

Sue ThomasPrincipal
Stewart McIlwham


Stewart McIlwham *‡ Principal
Sue Thomas *‡ Principal
Clare Childs *


Ian HardwickPrincipal
Alice Munday
Sue Böhling

Cor Anglais

Sue BöhlingPrincipal Chair supported by Dr Barry Grimaldi


Thomas Watmough Principal
Paul Richards
Alex Cattell ^
Robert Hill *
James Maltby *
Emily Meredith ^
Martin Robertson

Eb Clarinet

Paul Richards * Principal

Bass Clarinet

Paul Richards Principal

Contrabrass Clarinet

Martin Robertson Guest Principal


Jonathan Davies Principal
Emma Harding Guest Principal
Gareth Newman
Simon Estell
Laura Vincent


Simon EstellPrincipal


David PyattPrincipal Chair supported by Sir Simon Robey
John Ryan *‡ Principal Chair supported by Laurence Watt
Martin Hobbs *
Mark Vines Co-Principal
Gareth Mollison
Duncan Fuller
Jonathan Quaintrell-Evans
Alex Wide *


Paul Beniston *^‡ Principal
Jason Evans Guest Principal
Niall Keatley Guest Principal
Anne McAneneyChair supported by Geoff & Meg Mann
Tony Cross *
David Hilton *
Toby Street * ^


Mark Templeton *‡ Principal Chair supported by William and Alex de Winton
David Whitehouse * Principal
Lyndon Meredith *
Andrew Connington

Bass Trombone

Lyndon Meredith Principal
Joe Arnold


Lee TsarmaklisPrincipal


Lee TsarmaklisPrincipal
Jonathan Rees *


Simon CarringtonPrincipal
Jeremy Cornes


Andrew BarclayPrincipal Chair supported by Andrew Davenport
Henry Baldwin
Keith Millar
Jeremy Cornes
James Bower ^
Karen Hutt ^


Rachel Masters * Principal
Sue Blair Guest Principal
Lucy Haslar


Daniel Thomas
Tom Ellis

* Offstage in La traviata
^ Satellite banda in Hamlet
† Onstage in Don Pasquale
‡ Holds a professorial appointment in London
¥ Chevalier of the Brazilian
Order of Rio Branco

Glyndebourne musicians

Piano and Electric keyboard: Tim Anderson

Ariadne auf Naxos
Piano: Matthew Fletcher
Celesta: Kate Golla
Harmonium: Bernard Robertson