Accessible worldwide

Great opera performances are fleeting moments in time. Miss them and they are gone forever. So as part of our mission to bring top-quality opera to ever-wider audiences, we record as many of our productions as possible. We have been making audio recordings of every Festival performance since 1960, and in recent years we have filmed a growing number of productions.

Our audio visual recordings, now in HD digital, have opened up Glyndebourne to a worldwide audience. They enable people to discover our work through broadcasts, cinema screenings, DVDs and worldwide online.

Our international programme of cinema screenings now involves cinemas in the UK, continental Europe, North America, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

We have a large and growing catalogue of Festival productions on DVD and Blu-ray. You can see the full catalogue and order DVDs directly from the Glyndebourne Shop.

Our sound archive is a treasure house of recordings that now goes back 50 years. To release some of these archive tapes to a wider public, along with more recent recordings, we launched our own independent CD label in 2007. All CDs on the Glyndebourne label are available online from the Glyndebourne Shop.

Another way we share our work is through hiring out our productions to other opera houses around the world: in 2009 we sent out productions to Berlin, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Houston and Valencia.

Glyndebourne myths

‘It’s all about company sponsorship and corporate hospitality’

We certainly welcome business support. But the great majority of our donations and sponsorships come from individuals these days. And while our hospitality is pretty good, there’s no mistaking what our audiences come here for: their passion for great, adventurous opera is legendary.