Photo gallery


Images from the Tour 2021 production of Fidelio

A selection of photos from the Tour 2021 production of Fidelio.

Fidelio celebrates the power of love, courage and fidelity in music of heart-soaring beauty.

Photographer: Richard Hubert Smith

Don Pizarro (Dingle Yandell), Leonore (Dorothea Herbert) and The Glyndebourne Chorus

Leonore (Dorothea Herbert), Rocco (Callum Thorpe) and The Glyndebourne Chorus

 Leonore (Dorothea Herbert)

Rocco (Callum Thorpe), Florestan (Adam Smith), Leonore (Dorothea Herbert) and Don Pizarro (Dingle Yandell)

Florestan (Adam Smith)

Marzelline (Carrie-Ann Williams), Jaquino (Gavan Ring), Rocco (Callum Thorpe) and Leonore (Dorothea Herbert)

The Glyndebourne Chorus

Don Pizarro (Dingle Yandell), Leonore (Dorothea Herbert) and The Glyndebourne Chorus

Rocco (Callum Thorpe) and Florestan (Adam Smith)

Estella (Gertrude Thoma)

FIDELIO will BE ON STAGE AT Glyndebourne UNTIL 31 OCTOBER 2021.

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