'Impressive sets, a novel updating and a strong cast make for a potent revival'

The Stage July 04, 2016

'It’s hard to imagine finer soprano singing or more exuberant portrayals of Susanna and the Countess than those supplied by Rosa Feola and Golda Schultz'

The Guardian July 04, 2016

‘…it goes to prove what can be achieved when conductor, singers, directors and designer pay fanatical attention to every detail of the work they’re performing.’

Bachtrack July 04, 2016
  • Details

    Le nozze di Figaro
    3 July-24 August
    17 performances

    A revival of the 2012 Festival production
    Director: Michael Grandage
    Conductor: Jonathan Cohen
    Cast includes: Davide Luciano, Rosa Feola, Golda Schultz, Gyula Orendt
    Orchestra: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

    Performance information

    This fresh take on a Mozart classic radiates 60s style

    All the action takes place on one incredible day in an upstairs-downstairs world populated by
    servants who aren’t servile and the masters they outsmart.

    Figaro and Susanna are determined to get married. But before they can make it down the aisle, plots and promises are made and broken, hopes are raised and dashed, and disguises are donned and exposed – all to the strains of some of Mozart’s most sublime music.

    ‘Pure joy… a Figaro of rare grace, naturalness and charm’
    Daily Telegraph

    ‘Grandage’s production is full of wonderful touches and… fluent timing’
    Evening Standard

  • Dates and times


    Date Start Long interval Finish Price Band
    Sun 3 July 3.55pm 5.40pm 8.25pm 3
    Wed 6 July 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 3
    Fri 8 July 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 3
    Tue 12 July 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 3
    Fri 15 July 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 3
    Tue 19 July 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 4
    Thu 21 July 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 4
    Sun 24 July 3.55pm 5.40pm 8.25pm 4
    Fri 29 July 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 4


    Date Start Long interval Finish Price Band
    Tue 2 August 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 5
    Thu 4 August 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 5
    Sun 7 August 3.55pm 5.40pm 8.25pm 4
    Wed 10 August 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 5
    Sun 14 August 3.55pm 5.40pm 8.25pm 4
    Wed 17 August 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 5
    Sat 20 August 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 4
    Wed 24 August 5.10pm 6.55pm 9.40pm 5


    Price band 3

    Stalls, Foyer Circle, Circle £230, £215, £185, £160*

    Upper Circle £125, £50*L

    Boxes £215, £160, £125*L, £100*L, £50*L

    Foyer Circle wheelchair spaces £185, £100*L

    Standing £20*, £15*L

    Price band 4

    Stalls, Foyer Circle, Circle £200, £180, £155, £135*

    Upper Circle £110, £50*L

    Boxes £180, £135, £110*L, £90*L, £50*L

    Foyer Circle wheelchair spaces £155, £90*L

    Standing £20*, £15*L

    Price band 5

    Stalls, Foyer Circle, Circle £165, £155, £125, £110*

    Upper Circle £95, £40*L

    Boxes £155, £110, £95*L, £80*L, £40*L

    Foyer Circle wheelchair spaces £125, £80*L

    Standing £15*, £10*L

    Special events

    Pre-performance talk

  • Synopsis

    Act I

    Susanna tries on a wedding bonnet, whilst her fiancé Figaro measures the room in the castle given them by the Count. She points out its dangerous proximity to the Count, reminding Figaro of the droit de seigneur, the ancient feudal right of masters to dally with their maiden servants. Figaro vows to thwart him.

    Figaro’s old enemy Bartolo and Bartolo’s former servant Marcellina enter with a marriage contract between Marcellina and Figaro, which they intend to enforce.

    The page Cherubino enters, protesting about being sent away to the army because the Count found him dallying with the gardener’s daughter Barbarina. When the Count approaches, he hides.

    The Count romances Susanna. Her singing teacher Basilio arrives, forcing the Count to hide. When the Count comes out of hiding, he discovers the hidden Cherubino.

    Figaro arrives with a group of peasants praising the Count for abolishing the droit de seigneur. The Count sends Cherubino off to join his regiment.

    Act II

    The Countess laments her husband’s neglect. Susanna tells her of his designs on her, and of Figaro’s plan to send a cross-dressed Cherubino to meet the Count instead of her. Cherubino arrives to prepare for his ‘tryst’ with the Count, but the Count’s arrival forces him to hide in the closet. Susanna returns unobserved and hides.

    The Count, told that Susanna is hiding in the closet, demands that she emerge. He goes to fetch tools to open the door, taking the Countess with him. Susanna releases Cherubino, who escapes through the window while she enters the closet. Returning with her husband, the Countess confesses that Cherubino is inside. Both are nonplussed when Susanna emerges.

    Figaro arrives. The gardener Antonio enters complaining about someone jumping from the window; Figaro claims it was him. The Count is relieved when Bartolo, Marcellina and Basilio enter demanding that Figaro marry Marcellina or repay his debt.

    Act III

    The Count pursues Susanna. She agrees to a rendezvous, but the Count then overhears her plotting with Figaro.

    Alone, the Countess ponders her unhappy marriage. Meanwhile, Marcellina has won the court case on her marriage contract. Figaro confesses that he was born into a respectable family and requires his parents’ consent. In his description of his history, Marcellina recognises Figaro as her long-lost son; Bartolo is his father.

    Susanna and the Countess write to the Count inviting him to the rendezvous; a pin must be returned as acknowledgement. A group of peasant girls arrives offering flowers to the Countess, with the disguised Cherubino among them. Barbarina forces the Count to agree to let her marry Cherubino. The wedding celebrations begin. Susanna passes the letter to the Count.

    Act IV

    That night in the garden, Barbarina laments losing the pin she was to return to Susanna. Figaro resolves to interrupt the tryst between Susanna and the Count. Marcellina goes to forewarn Susanna.

    Barbarina, Figaro, Bartolo and Basilio hide. Disguised in each other’s clothes, Susanna and the Countess enter to ensnare the Count.

    Cherubino arrives seeking Barbarina, but sees (as he thinks) Susanna, and flirts with her. The Count takes Cherubino’s place wooing ‘Susanna’. Figaro, seeing through Susanna’s disguise, feigns seducing ‘the Countess’, and is caught by the Count, who refuses to forgive his wife for her apparent infidelity. The truth is revealed and all is set right.

  • Cast and creative team

    Creative team

    Conductor Jonathan Cohen
    Director Michael Grandage
    Revival Director Ian Rutherford
    Designer Christopher Oram
    Lighting Designer Paule Constable


    Figaro Davide Luciano
    Susanna Rosa Feola
    Count Almaviva Gyula Orendt
    Countess Almaviva Golda Schultz
    Cherubino Natalia Kawalek*
    Bartolo Carlo Lepore
    Marcellina Susan Bickley
    Don Basilio John Graham-Hall
    Antonio Nicholas Folwell
    Don Curzio Alasdair Elliott
    Barbarina Nikola Hillebrand

    *Natalia Kawalek replaces Serena Malfi, who has had to withdraw for medical reasons