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Pegasus Opera masterclass

The Pegasus Opera Mentoring Programme was set up in response to the underrepresentation of classical singers from diverse backgrounds on opera stages.

On Monday 28 March 2022 we were delighted to welcome the participants The Pegasus Opera Mentoring Programme for a masterclass with danielle de niese

We are partnering with Pegasus Opera Company on this programme, which offers aspiring and emerging artists of African and Asian heritage a bespoke programme of coaching and mentoring opportunities.

The four participants in the Glyndebourne programme are Biraj Barkakaty (counter tenor), Julia Daramy-Williams (soprano), Julienne Mahailet (soprano), and Lufuno Ndou (mezzo soprano).

On Monday, three of them were joined by some of Pegasus’ other artists – Innocent Masuku, Namrata Shah, Jacob Bettinelli and Isabelle Peters – to work one-on-one with Danielle de Niese.

This summer the four Glyndebourne mentees will be invited to observe rehearsals and shadow established artists at Glyndebourne, and will be offered opportunities to perform for key artistic staff and receive feedback to aid their development. They’ll also receive ongoing mentoring from Alison Buchanan, artistic director of Pegasus, throughout the programme.

Find out more about the Pegasus Opera Mentoring Programme

Photographer: Sim Canetty-Clarke

Julienne Maihailet, Biraj Barkakaty, Lufuno Ndou

Danielle de Niese, repetiteur Kate Golla and Julienne Maihailet

Danielle de Niese

Innocent Masuku, Julienne Maihailet, Namrata Shah, Jacob Bettinelli, Danielle de Niese, Alison Buchanan, Biraj Barkakaty, Lufuno Ndou, Isabelle Peters, Stephen Langridge

Biraj Barkakaty

Alison Buchanan and Danielle de Niese

Danielle de Niese, repetiteur Kate Golla and Lufuno Ndou

Julienne Maihailet

Repetiteur Kate Golla

Lufuno Ndou

Biraj Barkakaty and Danielle de Niese

Pegasus Opera masterclass

Danielle de Niese, repetiteur Kate Golla and Lufuno Ndou

Danielle de Niese

Julienne Maihailet, Danielle de Niese, Biraj Barkakaty, Lufuno Ndou

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