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The meaning of Membership

This year we are celebrating 70 years of Membership. Our Members tell us what their Membership means to them.


Members are a core part of the Glyndebourne family. Their ongoing support is vital to our future. We asked our Members to tell us what their Membership means to them.

Join us as we share some of their responses.

‘It’s a great and lifelong privilege. The best way to enjoy opera.’ – David Brock

‘What I love about Glyndebourne is that you give young singers a chance and push the envelope… I have seen some strange things and some wonderful things, but I have rarely been bored.’ – Bill Knight

‘A sense of belonging to something good. The personal touch is greatly appreciated.’ – John Knight

‘It means feeling that we belong to something very important, enabling us to hand on the baton of music appreciation, that so vital part of being human, to the younger generation in a relaxing and wholly enjoyable environment. Another cousin’s eldest son is now seven years old. We look forward to being able to introduce him to Glyndebourne in years to come.’ – Ruth Alston

‘I spent a lot of my childhood with my grandparents and we enjoyed many an evening together listening to opera on the record player. They told so many wonderful stories of their trips to Glyndebourne so becoming a Member was a special moment, especially as I am now creating new memories with my children.’ – William Allen

‘Everything. Glyndebourne is the summer season. Each year we try and squeeze just one more performance in. It is part of the rhythm of one’s life, a normaliser and a stabiliser, but entirely essential every which way.’ – Sarah Harrison

‘My Membership means feeling part of a wonderful tradition and a marvellous group of people with whom I have so much in common. Simplicity and essence of life enjoyment!’ – Daphné Romy

If you love Glyndebourne and want to be part of our future, become a Member.

Image credits: Header, photo by Clive Nichols | Audience, photo by James Bellorini

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