Participant Case Studies

Darwin Prakash

Past Projects

2015 – Glyndebourne Academy

How much singing experience had you had before Glyndebourne Academy?

‘I had absolutely no formal training in music or singing before December 2014. I landed in the UK on 12 December that year and since then I have been having regular lessons with Robert Alderson, starting with the basics of music theory and vocals. I had never worked in a music school-like environment before. I really wanted experience how it felt to be a music student with other fellow musicians and top-grade teachers.’

How did you hear about Glyndebourne Academy?

‘I got to know about Glyndebourne Academy through my teacher Dr. Robert Alderson, who insisted that I should give it go. Later, when I researched it on the internet, I understood the whole structure of the course, the nature of the work and activities that we will be expected to do. I knew that getting into the Academy would definitely bring about some positive changes in my voice, my learning curve, my technical understanding and work ethic.’

What did you gain from being part of Glyndebourne Academy?

‘The most important things that I took back with me are the invaluable experiences – new methods to go about learning repertoire, the importance of understanding a new language in all its details, the importance of physical well-being and overall fitness and realising how much of a direct impact it has on our singing, how to work in team and time management; pretty much everything important pertaining to singing. And last but not least, I made wonderful new friends as you get to know them as a person and as a musician, both participants and teachers, as you learn so much just observing them work.’

Joint winner with William Rennie of the Gus Christie Award, 2016 . Photo: James Bellorini

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