'Why I left a legacy to Glyndebourne'

Leave a lasting legacy

A legacy can make a unique memorial to a personal involvement with Glyndebourne. We hope that you’ll be inspired by the words of some of our John Christie Society, who have kindly taken time to tell us why they are leaving a gift for the future. 

'What can a marble tombstone do? Sing? Produce? Act? Retain its beauty and style? No! Nothing worse than donating money into an abyss, wondering who it is benefitting, so really it’s because I am sharing what I have enjoyed enormously.'

An anonymous friend from Scotland

Photo: Saul (Festival 2015)

’You give us so much pleasure every summer, we wanted to give something to you and preserve you for future generations.’

Lorraine Ogden

Photo: Danielle de Niese in L’enfant et les sortilèges (Festival 2015)

'World class opera in unique surroundings – I wanted to ensure that my two children have the chance to enjoy it as much as I have over the last 45 years.’

John Nichols

Photo: A family enjoying the Festival

'In the course of almost 25 years of visiting Glyndebourne, I have seen and heard musical theatre of a quality – in all its aspects – that consistently has not only enthralled but visually surpassed anything I have seen elsewhere, and I wanted to make a contribution that might assist Glyndebourne in being able to continue such excellence and nurturing of talent.'

John Gittens

Photo: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Festival 2016)

'We have over many years had such amazing times here all so memorable and special. It’s so important to give back support for all of the effort and generosity of the Glyndebourne family.’

Mike and Rachel Swift

Photo: Audience members at Glyndebourne

'Glyndebourne is famous for promoting new talent which is one of the reasons why I love the place so much. I want to know that after I have gone, Glyndebourne will continue to produce opera to an excellent standard, not only for the audience to enjoy but also to allow stars of the future to gain experience of rehearsing and performing in a world-class environment.'

Richard Griffiths

Photo: Glyndebourne Academy rehearsals (2016)

'The outstanding quality of the opera, the dedication to music, the fostering of young musicians and thought for the future. Charity concerts, study days and opportunities to visit backstage and feel involved. It is a superb organisation in all aspects and a very valuable contribution to the world of music.’ 

Caroline Wilson

Photo: Behind the scenes in the costume department

'Glyndebourne forms an important part of the summer – we love the whole experience; the atmosphere and lovely gardens as well as the music. It has a unique feel which we like to think will continue for others to come.’

Jessica Tetley

Photo: Saul rehearsals (Festival 2015)

’Having enjoyed many years of opera at Glyndebourne we want to ensure that in the future other opera lovers will be able to enjoy the spirit of Glyndebourne, it’s independence, artistic creativity and so much that is unique.’

Shirley Day 

Photo: Audience members in the auditorium

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To find out more about leaving a legacy to Glyndebourne and becoming a member of the John Christie Society, please visit glyndebourne.com/legacy or email legacy@glyndebourne.com