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Galvin Brothers Q&A

We caught up with the Galvin brothers to see what lessons they have learned from the pandemic and what they’re looking forward to at Glyndebourne this year.

Following on from the announcement that Michelin-starred chefs Chris and Jeff Galvin will be joining the Glyndebourne family last year, we decided to catch up with the brothers to see what lessons they have learned from the pandemic and what they’re looking forward to at Glyndebourne this year.
Can you tell us about what guests should expect from your new menus in Middle and Over this season?

We love creating menus using the best seasonal ingredients which we source as locally as we can. We think it’s the most sustainable way to design a menu, not to mention how much better things taste! Sussex lamb, strawberries, raspberries & asparagus should be at their height.

Has the pandemic changed your approach to designing menus and delivering excellent service?

One thing that we’ve had an abundance of this year is time, which has meant we have been able to spend longer developing menus and trying out new techniques in the kitchen. One thing is certain though, we both desperately miss our guests and the atmosphere of a busy restaurant.

What are your favourite memories of Glyndebourne from past years?

This will be our first season at Glyndebourne, and we cannot wait to make some fantastic memories & work with the team at Middle and Over.

What lessons have you learned from the pandemic?

We’ve had to adapt our business dramatically to keep us going through the pandemic. We created Galvin at Home, a three-course dinner experience which we deliver nationwide to people’s homes.

What are your preferred dishes on the menu?

My favourite dish is our Apple Tart Tatin which is a signature dish at our restaurants.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Seeing guests enjoying themselves and getting back to some normality. Hope we’ll have a repeat of last Summer weather!

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