Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Festival 2020 has been cancelled, please read our full statement below


An update on Tour 2020: Unfortunately the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19 has forced us to cancel our visits to our touring venues this year. An update on autumn performances at Glyndebourne will be shared in mid-July. Read more

This is a particularly sad day in Glyndebourne’s history as I share with you the news that we cannot stage a Festival this year. COVID-19’s persistence means that we have taken the painful decision to cancel all remaining Festival 2020 performances. This follows our earlier cancellation of Festival performances up to 14 July, as announced on 18 March. Following Government advice, the Glyndebourne site remains closed.

I know that this cancellation will be as heartbreaking for you as it is for me. We maintained our optimism for as long as possible.

Glyndebourne is a relatively small charity but with big ambitions, driven by the belief that opera can transform lives. The Festival receives no public subsidy and our financial independence means that we are reliant on ticket sales to be able to operate. With this source of income now gone, it’s not just our future that’s at risk – the immediate livelihood of over 400 seasonal staff and artists has vanished. We have started a COVID-19 Emergency Appeal to help us to help them, and to secure Glyndebourne’s long-term future for all.

As you may know, the Festival began more than 85 years ago, brought to life through the resolve and imagination of my grandparents John and Audrey. While there have been challenges since then, none since World War II has been so sudden and devastating as this one. We are absolutely determined to survive this.

We need you to help us. Please consider making a donation to our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal. The fund will be used to mitigate against the losses incurred by artists and seasonal staff, and help to secure Glyndebourne’s long-term future. If you are a UK taxpayer you can also increase the value of your donation by 25% at no cost to you, via Gift Aid. All ticket holders have been contacted by email with details of how to make a donation or obtain a refund.

To help keep the spirit of Glyndebourne alive during the closure, please join us every Sunday from 24 May as Glyndebourne Open House brings world-class opera to you at home. Tune in on YouTube every week for free access to classic Glyndebourne productions and, together, let’s create a taste of the Festival experience. We can’t conjure the smell of roses or the feel of the lawn but we can still share our passion for opera with friends and family – and nurture new audience members for the future. Click here to find out more.

If you share our conviction that the world needs opera – now, more than ever – please do support us in any way you can. To those of you who have already donated, my most heartfelt thanks.

With my best wishes to you and your loved ones,

Gus Christie
Executive Chairman

Last updated: 5 May 2020

Please help us support our artists and staff – donate to our COVID-19 fund

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