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Cendrillon (Cinderella)

Images from the Festival 2019 production of Cendrillon (Cinderella)

A selection of photos from the Festival 2019 Production of Cendrillon (Cinderella).

With its combination of enchanting love story and broad, burlesque comedy, Massenet’s Cendrillon is one of the great operatic fairytales.

Photographer: Richard Hubert Smith

Cendrillon (Danielle de Niese) and Pandolfe (Lionel Lhote)

Dorothée (Julie Pasturaud), Madame de la Haltière (Agnes Zwierko) and Noémie (Eduarda Melo)

Pandolfe (Lionel Lhote)

Pandolfe (Lionel Lhote), Madame de la Haltière (Agnes Zwierko), Prince Charming (Kate Lindsey) and Noémie (Eduarda Melo)

Act II scene

Prince Charming (Kate Lindsey) and Cendrillon (Danielle de Niese)

The Fairy Godmother (Nina Minasyan)

Cendrillon (Danielle de Niese) and Prince Charming (Kate Lindsey)

Cendrillon (Danielle de Niese)

Cendrillon (Danielle de Niese) and Spirits (Jennifer Witton and Jacquelyn Parker)

The Fairy Godmother (Nina Minasyan) and dancers

Cendrillon (Danielle de Niese) and Prince Charming (Kate Lindsey)

Cendrillon (Cinderella) is on stage at Festival 2019 from 8 June – 2 August

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