Theatre is about people pretending to be other people. They stand in front of scenery that looks solid, but is made of plywood and canvas. In fact, if you stand at the side of the stage – in the wings – you can’t be fooled for a moment.

Though we know theatre is a pretence, we go prepared to believe in it. We want to be fooled, we want to watch a set of characters and get caught up in their emotions.

In fact, if it’s well done, we end up realising that theatre is, in some way, true. It tells us what it’s like to be human.

In the films below we gain an insight into how those pretend worlds are created, sometimes so convincingly it’s impossible to tell they’re not real.

Under the Bonnet with Figaro

The cast and creative team of Le nozze di Figaro discuss (probably) the most spectacular prop in Glyndebourne’s history. The Austin-Healey was a magnificent feature incorporated into a magnificent set. See just how we managed to get it on stage.

How to create a 60s make-up look

Learn some expert tips from Glyndebourne make-up artist Sarah Sanderson as she gives Lydia Teucher a 1960s look for the role of Susanna in the 2012 Festival production of Le nozze di Figaro.

Filmed on location at Glyndebourne in August 2012.