Hipermestra - behind the scenes of the UK premiere

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In our new short video we’re delighted to bring you insights from behind the scenes of Hipermestra’s UK premiere.

See the cast and crew hard at work in the rehearsal studio and hear from Director Graham Vick and singers Emőke Baráth and Renato Dolcini about the surprising contemporary resonances of Cavalli’s opera:

Back to the beginning

With the Festival 2017 production of Hipermestra, Glyndebourne is going back to the origins of opera. ‘Opera began with a big bang in the 17th century in Italy,’ says Director Graham Vick, ‘it started brilliantly [and] profoundly with magnificent texts with important complex stories [and] a Shakespearean depth and insight’.

‘We are all Hipermestra’

Hipermestra is no mere historical curiosity – its story and themes will resonate greatly with audiences today. ‘Here is a great work which is very close to who we are, to our sensibilities, to our moral dilemmas,’ explains Vick. ‘We’re all Hipermestra, struggling to find her way, with warring city states, with families, with the military versus politics and the idea of diplomacy. All of these things that we have in our world are all absolutely active in this piece’.

Under the surface

The depth of the characters in Cavalli’s opera has great appeal to performers. ‘I like the way Cavalli writes his heroines – they’re real characters, with their imperfections,’ says Emőke Baráth, who takes on the title role.

Renato Dolcini, who plays her father King Danao, agrees, ‘It’s amazing what you can do with this libretto, you have so many multiple layers under the surface, and you can be into your character in an incredible way’.

There are many unexpected twists in store for Hipermestra audiences this summer. ‘It will be quite an interactive production,’ teases Dolcini, with ‘surprises from the beginning all the way to the end’.

Hipermestra: the story

Want to get up to speed on the story of Hipermestra? Watch our two minute animation.

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Hipermestra is on stage from 20 May – 8 July 2017

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