Peeping Behind the Curtain

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Paul Rissmann, the presenter of Don Giovanni: Behind the Curtain, reveals why he’s decided to explore opera in a new live performance that will be on stage this autumn as part of the Glyndebourne Tour 2016.

You can find out how an opera works

I’ve been fortunate to devote a considerable part of my career to working with orchestras and arts organisations to develop fresh ways of engaging new audiences.

Until now all my music discovery concerts have been devoted to symphonic repertoire so I’m thrilled to be part of Glyndebourne’s forthcoming Behind the Curtain event.

We plan to investigate how opera works, live on stage, with a cast of brilliant singers and an incredible orchestra.

Photo: Bill Cooper

Why explore opera in this way?

Consider the current vogue for watching cooking (and I guess I really mean baking) shows on TV. Millions of people religiously tune in to observe, critique and salivate at food being prepared (even if they don’t do it at home).

Viewing complete strangers cook from scratch has never been more compelling and has become a great British pastime. But the trade-off is, even though you can witness a mouth-watering dish being created, you still don’t get to taste it!

So I’ve been charged with developing a fresh concert format for Glyndebourne that will not only foster a sense of curiosity but also feature some remarkable performances.

It will offer audiences old and new a unique opportunity to look ‘behind the curtain’ at Mozart’s Don Giovanni, and I hope it will provide a fascinating night-out at the opera.

Photo: Bill Cooper

If you’d like to discover the magic of opera with this unique live performance, join us on the Glyndebourne Tour this autumn for the brand-new event Don Giovanni: Behind the Curtain.

Don Giovanni: Behind the Curtain is made possible with the help of Arts Council England and with additional support from the Clore Duffield Foundation and the Foyle Foundation.