Our Members’ Festival 2016 favourite revealed

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Last month we asked our Members and Associate Members to vote for their favourite production of Festival 2016.

The results are now in and we can reveal that the winner of the poll is Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a revival of Peter Hall’s classic production which debuted in 1981.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Festival 2016. Photo: Robert Workman

‘I am thrilled and proud that Members voted A Midsummer Night’s Dream as their highlight of the 2016 season. Glyndebourne has always been a special place for me. The quiet and lovely setting, the commitment to each production, the atmosphere and facilities that the permanent staff create for us as we start our rehearsals are in my experience unique. This season’s production of Dream was gifted not only with its vocal talent but also with the cast’s dramatic abilities, not least our lovely little Puck and all our fairy boys. I am sure that Sir Peter Hall is proud that his A Midsummer Night’s Dream still shines at Glyndebourne and that we are all a little touched by its magic.’
—Lynne Hockney, Revival Director

‘It was the greatest possible privilege to conduct The Cunning Little Vixen at Glyndebourne this year, the fact I could touch this Peter Hall production of Britten’s iconic A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well was a dream itself! You can imagine now how happy I am that our Britten has been voted the most popular opera of this year’s festival. Britten’s Dream thrives thanks to the unique combination of high quality in all departments. I had gorgeous collaborators and I will never forget the whole thing. Thank you.’
—Jakub Hrůša, Conductor

‘I’m delighted to hear that this summer’s Dream has been voted the Members’ favourite. Peter Hall’s production really is a classic. One of the joys for me was stepping into the shoes of my great predecessors, in some cases literally wearing some of their costumes! But what this production is really about is the ensemble cast. If you, the audience, had as much fun as we did on stage there is nothing better. May the production continue to delight for 35 years more!’
—Tim Mead, Oberon

What our Members and Associate Members thought

‘Ravishing. As fresh as when we first saw it more than 30 years ago’
—David and Wendy Millar

‘This was a completely magical production. Enjoyed the whole evening so so much, including the wonderful addition of the entertainment in the garden during the interval. One of the most special evenings I have ever experienced at Glyndebourne – and I have been coming for about 45 years! Wonderful!’
—Jane Coulson

‘Singing of Oberon was sublime and Puck was a hero of timing and movement’ Photo: Robert Workman

‘[A] wonderful, imaginative production. Beautiful costumes. Singing of Oberon was sublime and Puck was a hero of timing and movement’
—Rosalind Durant

‘…the opera and the production are so suited to Glyndebourne: after that magical ending, when the fairies take back the house, we exit into the moonlight and the realm obviously ruled by Oberon, Titania, Puck and the fairies. Thank you!’
—Ann O’Kelly

‘…that magical ending, when the fairies take back the house’. Photo: Robert Workman

‘I saw this production when it first appeared. The opera is the greatest English opera and the production my favourite in more than 40 years of coming to Glyndebourne. It is the perfect opera for an English summer’s evening’
—Graham Stone

‘A great year: but A Midsummer Night’s Dream remains the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on any stage, and the singing was wonderful’
—Nick Molyneux

Photo: Robert Workman

A recording of the 2006 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is available on CD from our online Shop, as is a DVD of the BBC’s recording of the classic 1981 production.