My favourite place: Duncan Rock

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We asked baritone Duncan Rock to reveal his favourite place at Glyndebourne.

Duncan has been wowing audiences as Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and returns this autumn to play the title role in Don Giovanni in Tour 2016.

What is your favourite place at Glyndebourne?

I love walking out into the theatre before a performance – around the stalls and dress circle and all the way up into the gods.

How did you first discover your favourite place?

I was walking around before a performance of Billy Budd looking for a member of music staff and found myself in the stalls – totally stunned by the feeling of calm and silence, mixed with the anticipation for the performance about to come.

How often do you go there?

I try to do this as part of my pre-show ritual, so before every performance if I can.

What makes it so special?

I think it can be easy to forget what the stage looks and feels like from the other side. We get used to being on stage and looking out into the dark space behind the conductor, only able to vaguely make out a few faces and shapes of chairs. Going out into the audience makes me excited for the performance and grateful for being lucky enough to be up on the stage.

This autumn Duncan Rock will play the title role in Don Giovanni at Glyndebourne and venues around the country as part of Tour 2016.

He will also sing the role in Don Giovanni: Behind the Curtain, a special new event that will provide a behind-the-scenes exploration of how an opera is staged, while at the same time demystifying opera itself.