New Chinese name for Glyndebourne revealed

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After ten weeks of voting, Glyndebourne has adopted a new Mandarin name as suggested by the Chinese public for the GREAT Names for GREAT Britain campaign.

Glyndebourne was one of 101 locations across Britain selected by national tourism agency VisitBritain to feature in a ground-breaking campaign which invited Chinese people to come up with the most fitting, amusing, meaningful, and memorable Chinese names for British places, events, and things.

Out of over two hundred Mandarin names suggested by the Chinese public, Glyndebourne has decided to adopt the new Mandarin name: Ge Lan Fei Si (歌兰菲丝), translated into English as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Opera. Vincen Zo’s suggestion received nearly 2500 of the 8500 votes cast. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a much loved Glyndebourne Festival production last seen on stage in 2006.

The organisation is delighted to adopt its new Chinese name; Gus Christie, Executive Chairman of Glyndebourne, said: “The campaign has helped give Glyndebourne great exposure across China and the opportunity to create a unique affinity with potential Chinese audiences.”

Glyndebourne has chosen to embrace the name Ge Lan Fei Si (歌兰菲丝) and will use it across social media to engage with Chinese supporters. Twitter users can use the Chinese hashtag #英国等你来命名# or #greatnames to interact with Glyndebourne and the other 100 locations involved in the campaign.