An insider’s guide to Tour 2015: Plymouth

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Fresh sea air and windy walks are what I associate with lovely Plymouth. The Devonshire coastline offers a picturesque setting to sit and gaze out towards Mount Batton before heading to the Theatre Royal for our penultimate week of performances!

Our week in Plymouth is always wonderfully indulgent. We’re spoilt for choice with amazing restaurants, and an absolute must is to sample Plymouth fish and chips – freshly caught, of course, and best enjoyed sitting on the steps of the Barbican.

Photo: Hannah Rose Cooper

So long, Saul

On Friday we said goodbye to a much loved production, Saul. Barrie Kosky’s staging of the Handel oratorio has captivated audiences with its energy and vitality, and we’re sad to see it go.

Saying goodbye to Saul means saying goodbye to the production’s incredible props too. The start of the first act involves an extravagant feast of wild boar, swan, fish, venison and fruit, all depicting the splendour of Handel’s banquet.

The start of the second act isn’t bad either, with 400 glowing candles creating an eerie atmosphere. But perhaps most of all I’ll miss the gruesome heads of Jonathan and Saul.

Photo: Hannah Rose Cooper

During each performance one or maybe two of the backstage staff usually linger at the side of the stage to watch a bit of the opera. On Saul’s last night, however, most of Theatre Royal seemed to be squeezed into the wings to watch the final ‘Hallelujah’ of the year. It really was truly excellent.

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