Glyndebourne to be renamed in China

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Glyndebourne has been chosen to star in a new marketing campaign which is designed to encourage Chinese people to learn more about some of Britain’s places of interest by giving them a new name.

Glyndebourne is one of 101 locations around Britain which have been selected by national tourism agency VisitBritain to feature in a ground-breaking campaign which invites Chinese people to come up with the most fitting, amusing, meaningful, and memorable Chinese names for British places, events, and things.

Over a ten-week period VisitBritain will invite people in China to give ‘GREAT Chinese Names for GREAT Britain’. The campaign hopes to help attract even more visitors from the rapidly-growing tourism Chinese market, and encourage Chinese visitors to travel further afield around Britain.

Joss Croft, Marketing Director at VisitBritain said: “Names are very important in China and this campaign will raise the profile of Glyndebourne and of course lead to more visits from such a lucrative country. This is a fun way of getting Chinese people to think about and describe some places in Britain, especially as some of the British names of these places or things are meaningless or difficult to literally translate or even pronounce for the Chinese. But it doesn’t stop there, we’d like local communities to get behind this campaign and suggest other places and locations to rename via our hashtag #greatnames.”

In 2013 China was Britain’s 13th most important inbound tourism market in terms of revenue. The number of Chinese nationals travelling overseas is expected to top 100 million this year for the first time.

Glyndebourne’s new Chinese name is likely to be unveiled in March. Watch campaign video to find out more.