Three performances of Stravinsky's Renard and Mavra as part of Jerwood Chorus Development Scheme

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Three performances of Stravinsky’s short operas Renard and Mavra will take place at Glyndebourne on 24, 26 & 27 August 2010.

Supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, this opera double bill will feature Anthony Gregory, one of Glyndebourne’s new Jerwood Young Artists, and members of The Glyndebourne Chorus. The operas are directed by Frederic Wake-Walker and conducted by Leo McFall with the Britten Sinfonia.

Taking place in the Jerwood Studio on 24, 26 and 27 August, the shows are free of charge and available to Festival ticket holders for performances on that day. These performances are part of Glyndebourne’s successful Jerwood Chorus Development Scheme, which helps nurture emerging operatic talent towards careers on the international stage and bridges the gap between music college and professional performance. Offering members of the Glyndebourne Chorus additional training opportunities, it aims to provide them with skills and experience that will form the foundation not only of their work at Glyndebourne, but also for the rest of their careers.

In addition to Renard and Mavra , this year heralds the appointment of three Jerwood Young Artists; mezzo-soprano Rosie Aldridge, tenor Anthony McGregor and baritone Duncan Rock. These are emerging young soloists who, in addition to their chorus commitments, have been given enhanced programme opportunities. So far for 2010, this support has included a small role in a Festival production, understudy commitments, vocal and language coaching, mentoring with selected principal singers, repertoire and career advice, and stagecraft with assistant directors.

As the Jerwood Chorus Development Scheme enters its sixth year, the progress made by those who have taken part so far ensures that the Glyndebourne Chorus maintains its status as the pre-eminent training and development ground for young singers.

Performances of Renard and Mavra

The Jerwood Studio – 24, 26, 27 August at 3.30pm.

Stravinsky’s barnyard fable, Renard, features Andrew Dickinson as the Cock, David Shaw as the Fox, Charles Rice as the Cat and John-Owen Miley-Read as the Goat. The Fox’s attempted trickery on the Cock is interrupted by the Cat, Cock and Goat, resulting in the Fox being strangled.

Conductor Leo McFall with The Britten Sinfonia

Director Frederic Wake-Walker

Cast includes:

Tenor 1 (Cock) Andrew Dickinson

Tenor 2 (Fox) David Shaw

Bass 1 (Cat) Charles Rice

Bass 2 (Goat) John-Owen Miley-Read

Stravinsky’s Mavra tells the story of Pashra, performed by Aiofe O’Sullivan, and her soldier boyfriend, performed by Jerwood Young Artist Anthony Gregory, who attempt to trick Pashra’s mother, performed by Natalia Brzezinska, into believing that he is her mother’s new maid. The lovebirds’ deception is short-lived however, when Pashra’s Mother discovers the soldier shaving.

Conductor Leo McFall with The Britten Sinfonia

Director Frederic Wake-Walker

Cast includes:

Parasha Aiofe O’Sullivan

The Neighbour Charlotte Stephenson

The Mother Natalia Brzezinska

The Hussar Anthony Gregory