Glyndebourne wind turbine proposals approved by Lewes District Council

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Gus Christie Executive Chairman Glyndebourne Productions Ltd said: “We are delighted that Glyndebourne’s application to build a wind turbine, to supply the opera house with renewable energy and greatly reduce our carbon footprint, has been given the go-ahead by Lewes District Council. Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing our generation and it is imperative that we act now. We applaud Lewes District Council for their decision and would like to extend our thanks to all who have supported this project to date.

“The turbine will make a significant contribution towards the achievement of county, regional and national renewable energy targets and will raise awareness of the environmental benefits of wind energy development.

“While Glyndebourne recognizes that the location of the proposed turbine in an AONB is controversial, the South Downs AONB management plan states that ‘landscapes are dynamic, living and constantly changing.’ Green initiatives of this kind should be encouraged in the battle to protect the environment from climate change.

“The Government Office for the South East have served an Article 14 Direction on Glyndebourne’s application, which means that the Secretary of State, Hazel Blears has directed Lewes District Council not to give a formal decision on planning permission without further authorisation. This will enable the Secretary of State to have more time to consider the application.”

The proposal

The 850KW Wind Turbine would reduce Glyndebourne’s carbon dioxide emissions by 855 tonnes per year. The turbine will consist of a tubular tower 44m high and a three bladed rotor with a diameter of 52m. It would have an overall height to blade tip of 70m and a base diameter of about 3m. Glyndebourne will satisfy all the conditions imposed with this planning decision by Lewes District Council and any further stipulations from the Secretary of State.