Economic Impact Report

Learn about Glyndebourne’s impact on the East Sussex economy.

In January 2013 Glyndebourne and East Sussex County Council commissioned new research to examine for the first time Glyndebourne’s impact on the East Sussex economy.

The research was funded by Arts Council England, East Sussex County Council, Glyndebourne and the East Sussex Arts Partnership. It reveals that Glyndebourne’s gross economic impact in East Sussex totals £16million every year. This translates into a Gross Value Added * impact of £10.8m; the equivalent of supporting 682 permanent jobs.

Glyndebourne is one of the largest businesses in the Lewes area with an annual turnover of £25million. It employs around 150 full-time staff but in addition provides employment for around 1,500 people during the course of a year in the form of visiting artists and seasonal staff.

The research addressed Glyndebourne’s year-round activity examining audience spend, Glyndebourne’s expenditure on wages and with local suppliers, and spending by the visiting artists who create and perform in the operas on stage.

Key findings include:
  • Glyndebourne attracts a large, loyal and relatively high-spending audience into East Sussex who spend over £11m at local hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions
  • Glyndebourne pays more than £3m of wages to employees living in East Sussex
  • Glyndebourne spends over £1m with Lewes-based suppliers and a further £0.3million with suppliers in the rest of East Sussex
  • Glyndebourne brings visitors, artists, and jobs to Lewes and its presence has encouraged specialist businesses to start up there
  • Local businesses that work with Glyndebourne say that they have gained revenue, prestige and visitor footfall

*Gross Value Added is an economic measure of wealth generation and is related to Gross Domestic Product

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