Using our brand

Welcome to the Glyndebourne brand

Below are some tips and tools to help you feature the Glyndebourne brand in your communications.

How is the Glyndebourne brand presented?

We like to think of ourselves as unusual, surprising and unexpected but we are grounded in real life. We are experts in opera, understated in our delivery, relaxed, cosmpolitan and original. Our vision is for opera to be transforming and exceptional. Our mantra: “not the best we can do, but the best that can be done anywhere”.

How can you represent Glyndebourne effectively?

We have included on this page some branding tools for you to use – logos in different formats as well as a downloadable style guide providing direction on how to use these both effectively and correctly.


There are a range of different Glyndebourne logos – please refer to the style guide for best practice on usage. To receive a file of the Glyndebourne logo, please contact

Copy – Introducing Glyndebourne

Attached is some basic introductory copy about Glyndebourne. If you need any more indepth or specific copy, please do contact the communications team who would be happy to help. If you require the use of Glyndebourne specific fonts, please contact us directly to discuss licencing and usage.

Any questions?

Email and we will be glad to assist.