Company Information

Glyndebourne Productions Ltd

Objective under the Memorandum & Articles of Association “the promotion of aesthetic education and the cultivation and improvement of public taste in music opera or the other arts and the doing of all such things as are incidental to the attainment of the above objects”

Principal activities: Opera Festival, Tour, Education and Media Development

Company registration number 00358266
Registered charity number 243877
VAT number 785415013

Glyndebourne Arts Trust

Objective under the Memorandum & Articles of Association as per Glyndebourne Productions Ltd

Principal activities: Membership and fund-raising for Glyndebourne Productions Ltd

Company registration number 00533973
Registered charity number 208743
VAT number 191342374

Glyndebourne Enterprises Ltd (wholly-owned subsidiary of Glyndebourne Productions Ltd)

Principal activities: Merchandising and production hire

Company registration number 03937344
VAT number 785415013


Glyndebourne Productions Ltd
John C. Botts C.B.E.
Lord Stevenson of Coddenham C.B.E.
André Hoffmann
Louise Flind
Alexander Beard C.B.E.
Lord Davies of Abersoch
Hamish Forsyth

Glyndebourne Arts Trust
John Botts C.B.E. (Chairman)
Paul Collins
Henry Wyndham
Martin Lutyens
Lord Rothermere
Michael Lynch
Peter Loescher
Sir Martin Smith
Lady Helen Taylor
Claire Enders

Glyndebourne Enterprises Ltd
John C. Botts C.B.E.
Matthew Searle
Gus Christie
David Pickard

Company Secretary (all 3 companies)
Sarah Hopwood

Glyndebourne aims to conduct its business honestly and with integrity at all times. Anyone who has a concern about malpractice is encouraged to raise their concern through our ‘whistleblowing’ policy.