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GLYNDEBOURNE ACADEMY – Applications now closed

Glyndebourne Academy is a new operatic development project which aims to support gifted and talented young singers. The Academy is in the process of recruiting applicants aged 16 – 26 who are not currently able to consider a standard path towards music college or a career as a professional singer. This could be for reasons including personal circumstances, lack of career guidance, lack of skills development, financial barriers or other factors.

The Academy will focus on a small number of singers who show outstanding potential. Participants will be offered intensive training, mentorship, advice and guidance on future development and career pathways. Between 8 and 10 students will be selected to take part in the Academy, working intensively with leading vocal specialists, coaches and directors, with an opportunity at the end of the project to perform at Glyndebourne in front of an invited audience in an informal concert. As the application deadline has now passed, the below is for your information only.


Monday 16 February 2015


The performer, coach, voice teacher, writer and broadcaster Mary King will lead the Glyndebourne Academy, assisted by a small team of instructors.


The Academy will consist of three phases:

  • 1-day introduction on 30 May 2015 – to include practical music making with the voice and devising as a means of assessing students and determining individual needs
  • 5-day immersion residential 23 – 29 August 2015 (arrival evening of 22 August).

This will include coaching in:

• Vocal technique
• Musicianship
• Movement and drama
• Foreign languages

Sessions will take a variety of formats, including masterclasses, workshops, and discussion forums, with time for individual study built into the programme.

  • 27 – 29 November 2015 – follow-up weekend and evening recital at Glyndebourne


Tuition, room, board and transport at the Glyndebourne Academy for successful applicants are fully funded. However, you must pay your own travel costs for attending auditions.


The Glyndebourne Academy will be based at Glyndebourne near Lewes in East Sussex with the immersion residential to be held off site at a venue within the vicinity of Glyndebourne. Further details about the venues will be available at the auditions.


16 February 2015 – Application deadline – DVD video + application form

9 March 2015 – Decisions on applications; invitations to audition

28 March 2015 – Auditions – London, National Opera Studio

30 May – Introductory Day

23 – 29 August 2015 – Immersion residential (arrival on evening of 22 August)

27 – 29 November 2015 – Follow-up weekend and Recital: Ebert Room, Glyndebourne

Applicants should ensure they are available to attend all dates in East Sussex and London

The 2015 Glyndebourne Academy workshops and recruitment will be supported in memory of John Stuart Beeteson and by the Donald Albert Anderson Charitable Trust through investment from Glyndebourne’s New Generation Programme

Student Profile

The Glyndebourne Academy is for singers with exceptional potential whose circumstances have prevented them from following a traditional path towards a professional career. To be considered applicants should be between the ages of 16 and 26, although we will consider applications from singers aged between 26 and 30 who can make a very strong case for fitting the profile in all other respects. Please note that although all Academy students will have faced obstacles to furthering their potential, selection will be based on merit.

Application Process

Applicants are asked to submit a video recording and a written application form (see above, left hand side, under ‘Downloads’).

The video recording will show you singing for no more than 5 minutes, and also include a recording of you giving a personal statement explaining why you are applying for the Glyndebourne Academy.

You may submit your video recording in DVD format, or if you prefer you may upload it to a file-sharing website (eg. dropbox) or video hosting website (eg. Vimeo) and email the link to

The application form and video recording containing singing and the verbal personal statement must be sent to Glyndebourne to arrive no later than 16 February 2015. This can be submitted by e-mail to or by post. Applicants should explain in their verbal personal statement how they meet the criteria given in “STUDENT PROFILE” (e.g., what personal circumstances or obstacles have made it difficult for you to follow a standard path towards music college and a career as a professional singer).You will also be required to submit a Music Reference from an independent Referee (not a friend or relative). This will need to be written by someone who can comment on your musical abilities, for example your current music teacher or choir leader. The reference should be submitted using the template provided.

Further Information
For further information please contact: The Education Department, Glyndebourne Productions, Glyndebourne, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 5UU. Tel: 01273 815023; email:

Glyndebourne Academy 2012

In August 2012 eight students between the ages of 18-27 took part in a five-day residential course under the direction of Mary King. Sessions covered vocal coaching, training in movement and drama, language coaching, work on notational literacy, discussion sessions about vocal types, career considerations, support networks and the range of skills development needed for an operatic career. Students reunited for two days of follow-up workshops in November 2012 and presented a public sharing of works in progress at Glyndebourne on 17 November 2012.Over the winter of 2012, they received continued support in the form of advice and resources concerning how they can continue their operatic development until such time as they are able to attend music college or other formal training.

Academy 2012 Film: Dave Fricker

For any questions regarding this, or any other Glyndebourne Education project please contact us any time.
T: 01273 815023