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Papageno's pa-pa-pa-pancakes

Make pancakes with Papageno

To celebrate Pancake Day 2023 we are very happy to bring you a pancake recipe from bird-catcher extraordinaire Papageno, who memorably whipped up a batch on stage in Festival 2019…


For the pancakes
100g plain flour
2 eggs
300ml milk
A pinch of salt

To serve
Lemon juice

Step one

Sift the flour into a mixing bowl, add a pinch of salt and make a small well in the centre. Crack in your eggs (I find chicken eggs work best, but you’re welcome to experiment. I don’t recommend Ostrich eggs – that was a mess!), and whisk with a fork or whisk until the eggs and the flour come together.

Step two

Slowly add the milk – I’d recommend cow’s milk, but you’re free to try something else. I’ve seen a serpent around here somewhere, you’re welcome to try milking that!

Step three

Whisk into a smooth batter. Maybe sing yourself a little song about the beautiful bride that you’re destined to meet – I know she’s out there somewhere!

Step four

Find yourself a frying pan. A non-stick coating will help to stop you being dazzled by your own handsome face.

Step five

Put the frying pan on a mid to high heat. Use bellows if you have to.

Step six

Add half a ladle of batter to the pan (or free pour if you’re adventurous like me!) and quickly run it around the pan until the base is coated. After about 30 seconds, gently lift the edges with a spatula, check the underside is cooked and then flip it over to cook the other side.

Step seven

Tip it onto a plate, add lashings of butter, lemon juice and sugar.

Step eight

Enjoy your pa-pa-pa-pancakes!

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