La traviata Teaching Resources

Art and Design Key Stage 3

Starter Activity

Watch the clip with the class and then show Laura Callaghan’s illustration ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’, part of the Aspirational series. Focus on the expressions of the chorus behind Alfredo and the women in the foreground of the illustration.

Ask the class to discuss differences and similarities between the two parties; is Alfredo really friends with all the guests or are they using him? Do Alfredo or Violetta seem popular? Are the women in the illustration good friends? Why do they think this?

Main Activity

Create a selection of Laura Callaghan’s illustrations as a class. Each team of four takes one picture, split into four (like a simple jigsaw). Each team member sketches out their section of the illustration. They need to collaborate and work well as a team to complete a successful final piece e.g. matching up the four sections regularly to make sure they all join up correctly to make the complete picture.


  • Students can complete a drawing in Laura Callaghan’s style, using a photograph of their friends or family at a party. Ideally, they should select a photograph of people with exaggerated expressions. Then, use black/brown outlines and flat colour.

  • Extension: Students can trace the outlines of the face and features from the photo first and then colour.



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La traviata Teaching Resources
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