Don Giovanni Teaching Resources

English Key Stage 4

Understanding how characters can be established through dialogue, and to further character-based writing or drama improvisation

Introduce the students to the plot of Don Giovanni. Follow this by exploring the characters focusing on their character descriptions.

Show the students a list of quotations from the opera, either projecting on a smart board or by handing out copies.

In small groups, pairs or individually, ask students to allocate the quotations to the characters. Students should be able to justify their choices.

Once they have made their choices, feed back and start a discussion. Is Don Giovanni a liar, for example? Download the quotation-to-character sheet


In small groups, allocate each group a single character. Each student in the group should choose a different quotation from their character and memorise it. Ask students to choose a simple gesture to go with their quotation; something that helps us understand what the character is saying.

Create a ‘character machine’ by asking each group to present their line and gestures to the class, one member at a time. The aim is to get each student to deliver their line in turns without prompting and creating a continuing loop.

What does this tell them about the characters? What would happen if one character met another? Is tension set up this way?

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Don Giovanni Teaching Resources
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