Cendrillon Teaching Resources

Art and Design Key Stage 4

Lesson plan

Starter activity

Ask students to research distorted portraits using reflection.  They can start by researching:

  • Cindy Sherman fashion photos for Louis Vuitton
  • ‘Bill Brandt Self-Portrait with mirror’, 1966
  • ‘Max Ernst’, 1934 by Man Ray
  • Susan Derge’s ‘Observer and Observed’ photography series
  • Maria Svarbova’s ‘Swimming Pool’ painting series


Main activity

Then, they should collect ten of their favourite examples of photographs and paintings that show portraits using reflection and annotate them using these questions:

  • Is the portrait hyper realistic/ expressive/ surreal?
  • Can you guess the personality of the sitter; are they calm, quiet, confident, happy or secretive?
  • What makes you think this?
  • How has the artist/ photographer used reflection to distort the image and our perception of reality? Why have they chosen to do this?


Photography: Create a modern fairy tale photo montage.  Show students a range of Annie Leibovitz’s ‘Disney’ series then ask them to recreate one of the photographs; they need to plan costumes, props, background and lighting e.g. early morning light would create the magical, dreamy quality of the Disney photographs.

Image creditsCinderella (Cendrillon), Tour 2018, photos by Richard Hubert Smith

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